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Do you want to learn the best Programming, but don’t know how to start? Are you looking for best Programming Course in Dhaka? ByteCode, a leading Digital Marketing Company in Bangladesh, is providing the best Programming Course based in C and C++. Bytecode has designed the best Programming Course according to teach you from the very beginning. The course will start from the beginning level, and it will end at the advanced level. For this reason, ByteCode has made the course and the material with significant research to make you a perfect Programmer. Keep reading to know more.

Are you interested in becoming an expert programmer and want to make a career in the programming field? This course of ByteCode can help you the most. If you are not from the technical subject, you can also enroll in this course. ByteCode has made the course curriculum considering your situation. On the other hand, C language has a great demand in the programming field. Similarly, you will learn C++ as well. For this reason, you will be able to compare the two, and it will surely help you to master the programming logic at all the levels.

The first thing to remember, this program is not free at all. Some experts are waiting to help you. On the other hand, we have to maintain a setup to run this course. With this in mind, you have to pay us. If you go any training center in Bangladesh, you will find they are maintaining the formality of a course, and they will teach you as like academic session for a certificate. But ByteCode believes in practical knowledge. Not to mention, we are also providing different services of programming in this industry. So, quality matters here. ByteCode will help you to learn best Programming (C and C++) language in a practical way. You can easily compete with others in the job field by attending this course.

Basic C Programming Language Course

What is Programming or Programming Language

Programming is the actions or process from an original formulation of a writing computer Program. As computers never understand our language. So a programming language has its logic to inform the computer about its activities. In this way, a programmer makes software, application, and different services for a computer. For this reason, programming is also known as coding, and a programmer is also familiar as a coder. A coder writes different logical code that is accessible by a computer.

Computer Programming is a huge area. There have 20+ popular programming languages and all types of digital statistics, scientific work, and algorithms are being written in a Computer program now. What Even you are reading about this course structure is written in a program. So, you have a great opportunity to make a career in this programming field. Important to realize, a programmer has no value in a certificate, they have to become an expert in the practical writing of codes.

C Plus Plus Programming Language Course 

Course Highlight


  1. Introduction to C programming
  2. Best of C & C++ Programming
  3. Constants and variables
  4. Operators and user input
  5. Functions, arguments
  6. Arrays, loops, break
  7. Strings
  8. Pointers and chars
  9. Header files, scope
  10. Binary files, memory allocation
  11. Analysis, developing, and generating an algorithm and program
  12. testing, debugging, and maintaining the source code
  13. Much more practical learning


The Output Of best Programming Couse

  • A strong foundation of programming knowledge from the basic part
  • The broad idea about C language
  • the best knowledge of C++
  • It Will make it easier while learning other programming languages
  • Skill up to professional level
  • Opportunity to start a career as a Programmer


Future of a Programmer

Day by day, it’s increasing the digital world. Every company is designing its software to run the business. On the other, a lot of software firm is entering the industry. As it is a growing sector and it’s the entry-level in Bangladesh. So, there has a huge opportunity to make a career in the Programming field. Similarly, you can also work on the international level too. True to say, there has a scarcity of real coders in every organization in Bangladesh. On the other hand, you can establish a company for providing services in the different company. As it’s a new field and it’s growing rapidly, you can easily make sufficient money, and you will be the boss of your future. With this in mind, there has a great opportunity as well as the honor to start a life of a programmer.

Why Programming as a Career

If you are interested in Computer and if you like to stay on the computer you can make a career as a Programmer. Programming is the most valuable job sector in the present world. Notably, it will increase regularly. So, the future of any ProgrammiLanguageage Experts is very high. On the other hand, you will not find any programmer basic or advance who is unemployed. Most compelling evidence, a lot of semi-coders who are not experts at all, they are getting a good job, because there has a huge scarcity of programmer than demand. With this in mind, you can easily make a career in this field.


Why Programming Course in ByteCode

ByteCode is a digital marketing firm, and it is providing all types of IT services including software development, web development, and application development. For this reason, we believe in practical learning. No one in this industry in Bangladesh is not able to give this facility in one place. For this reason, you can easily join us for becoming the future-coder or programmer. Even after completing the course you can join us as a programmer (if needed). Similarly, you have the opportunity to work in the traditional marketplace including multinational companies or international organizations. Our specialized area:

  • 15+ classes. Each one is 1.5-2 hours
  • Step by step programming basic concept will be needed, 15+ classes
  • Each topic will have an elaborate discussion
  • Each class will have a Practical session
  • The student will be considered as a new in the programming World
  • No high-level programming will not be introduced
  • Main goal: Become a basic programmer and get a medium-level Job and if you learn entry-level to medium level, then it will be no problem to go to the high level.

Why Should Take This Course Under ByteCode

  • You are a newbie in the world of coding, so learn here C step by step
  • Switching yourself to C from other languages like Java, Ruby, Python, etc.
  • C works as primary level take you to the advanced C++ or Objective-C
  • Learning with regular practice
  • A great opportunity to get an internship and to work with the live project

Who can attend this Course

Anyone who is interested in the computer can join this course. If you have the technical then most welcome, but if are non-technical you can learn Computer Programming too easily. But one thing to remember, you have to learn and practice dedicatedly. On the other hand, ByteCode is ready to teach you from the very beginnings level to advance. So, if you are a job holder, unemployed, students, teachers, business owner, service holder, Govt. employee or female, you can easily learn the best Computer Programming to make a great and honorable career in the IT industry.

Schedule of best Programming Course

  • Training Duration – 2 Months
  • Total – 15 Classes
  • Weekly – 2-3 Class
  • Certificate – Available
  • Admission – Going on
  • Course Fee – 12,000+VAT ( now only 9000 for next batch )
  • Payment Options – Office or Visit here

Support & Facilities 

  • Outsourcing Profile – 100% Complete
  • Profile Exam – 6-8 (Positive Result)
  • Cover Letter – Available (We Will Guide You)
  • We provide training in a friendly environment
  • Support at any time when you need us via Email or Fb Group

Where Will You Learn:

If you want to know more, you can connect with us in our Facebook group, Page, or from the contact form and fill up this form

Some Important Resource About Programming

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    Final Thought:

    Finally, I’ll tell you there have no bound to make a career in the computer programming field. Similarly, if you can learn and practice perfectly, you can get a job that is very reliable for your future. On the other hand, you can easily start your own software firm with a traditional job. But truly, you have to learn from the very beginning level, and you have to work hard. With this in mind, ByteCode a popular digital marketing firm in Bangladesh can be the right place to start the best programming course. After all, advance welcomes to Programming World and have a great future in the Programming industry.

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