UI Design stands for User Interface Design and UX means User Experience. UI includes the screens, web pages, buttons, features and all the other visual elements that are properly arranged and help a user interact with a device.  When we use the word “UX Design” we refer to how humans interact with the product or services. To build a strong brand recognition, designers have to design such functional websites or applications that generate interest among the users.

Why UI/UX Design Service Matters?

User Interface Design

Today, thousands of businesses depend on the internet for their success and the most succeeded systems/applications are those that respond efficiently and quickly. Good User Interface Design has a significant role in getting a high volume of traffic to a website and converts the traffic into potential customers. A website that is well designed, have the proper information and contents make a customer immediately respond to that site. UI design conveys the messages of a business clearly without distracting the customers unnecessarily.

As mentioned previously, icons, header, footer, buttons, etc. are the elements of UI. Proper usage and arrangements of these ingredients hold the attention of users. If you ever visited a website that is full of ads, links that redirect you to 404 pages and contact forms with gray “Submit” buttons, I am sure that you did not experience well and you will never visit the page ever again.

User Interface Design has a great impact on Search Engine Rankings. It is associated with Bounce Rate. If a user leaves a webpage before visiting it properly, the bounce rate will be increased. Slow load times also responsible for high volume of bounce rate. A website or a system that has some complex features and difficult to use push a business down. Instead, a user-friendly website gets ranked quickly in Search Engines as well as make profits in a business.

User Experience Design

Suppose you have designed a website or an application. The collaboration of your user’s interactions with the application will be called User’s Experience. We can call UX- the art of service that produces value for the masses. A certain design got success only at that time when the users find the design or application easy to use, pleasant and get value.

User Experience is about the feelings of a customer. It is more than human-computer interaction and puts a special impact on the human side. A user’s experience expands with the flow of time. Suppose the product you designed is new and it is unfamiliar to a large number of people. They will have mixed feelings when they use the product for the first time. But if they use the product repeatedly, they will understand the product’s value and attached to it emotionally.

User Experience Design is all about delighting the customers with such things that they didn’t think to ask for, but become happy with the things. A happy customer is a repeat customer. If you can satisfy your customer with the best services, (s)he will share his/her experience with the nearest ones and most probably they will be interested in your services.

Poor UX Design prevents the users reading, valuable articles. Nowadays, most of the websites allow adverts on their sites to increase the revenue. But when a user goes to the website, it will be difficult for him to differentiate the adverts and real contents. If (s)he uses a smaller screen, then the problem is beyond description. The ads will spread the whole screen and messed up everything.

UX Design increases the productivity as well as saving the time of the customers. Usability ensures that the system doesn’t surpass user’s mental and physical capabilities. Great User Experience drives the loyalty of the customers. The customer has a positive experience will stick with your products and most likely become your brand ambassador. It also increases the conversion rates.

UX Designers have high demand in the job market. According to a statistics, UX Design grabs top 50 jobs in the USA. It also shows that the salary range for the position is $70000-$100000 according to the level of expertise.

Get Amazing UI And UX Designs

ByteCodeSoft have the creative genius that delivers rich User Experience through artistically created a user interface design that stands amongst thousands of other websites and applications. Showcasing our experience on a number of UI and UX Design projects, we have achieved a reputation for being one of the most successful company. Our main aim is to create an inventive user experience design for your website and our Design Services will give you the guarantee of high conversion rates and reduce customer complaints in your business.

The Services we provide in UI/UX Design:

  • Logo Design Concepts
  • Web, Animation and Printing Compatible
  • Application Template
  • Product Design
  • The symbol for Social Sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter)
  • Icon for Apps and Web URL Bar
  • Email Signature Design
  • Email Newsletter Design
  • File Extension


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