Content Writing Course in Dhaka

Content Writing Course in Dhaka


Do you want to make a profession in the Content Writing industry, but don’t know how to start? To clarify, Writing is a dream job and Content writing is one of the best parts of the writing profession. Do you ever ask why content is important in this digital world? Especially, you can’t promote or sell any things without making content. Really, if you want to make a sale and if you want to promote a business as a brand, content is the one and only way to prove anyone as an expert.


Are you looking for a content writing course in Dhaka? Generally, you will not find any institute where you can learn Content Writing. Basically, as a Bangladeshi, you can’t imagine a career in the Content Writing field, as we’re very weak in English. But this impossible work is handling one institute and this is ByteCode. ByteCode, a leading digital marketing company is providing a Content Writing Course in Dhaka. With the increase of digital services, content marketing has become one of the best methods to generate sales and growing a brand. For this reason, the content writing industry is feeling badly in need of an expert Content Writer. Considering this, BytecodeSoft has taken a big decision to create a new content writer with the needs of the industry.

What is Content Writing and what does a Content writer do


Content Writing is a profession where a writer works to create website content on different topics. Similarly, a content writing job is different than writing in a traditional way. You can think writing is an easy task for you, I’m writing for my exam from my childhood, why will I need a course again? Actually, the content writer works in some specific area considering his/her expertness. On the other hand, he has to follow the keywords to rank the content in the SERP.

Content is a solution to any problem depending on the niche, so it’s the only asset for a website. Mainly, content is needed to rank in Google or which is counted as a resource or value by the search engine. Otherwise, it has no value. For this reason, most of the time a content writer has to follow strictly the rules and regulations of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the term that helps to rank a post or page or website in the search engine including Google, Bing, or Yahoo. It helps to find anyone with the keywords by searching in Google. With this in mind, a content writer is a person, who is mostly liable for ranking a website with his/her content. At the same time, digital marketing is depending very much on a content writer, because anyone who is interested in this area or buys something in this digital age, s/he searches in the search engine to know about that. Considering this, there has a lot of demand for a content writer. 

Why Should you build a career as a content writer?


Today we are living in the digital age and everyone now is depending on digital services. We are passing most of our leisure time surfing the internet. When you want to buy something, you check it online. So, day by day, it is increasing rapidly to take information from online. No one can’t stay a moment without the use of the internet. It will increase with the passes of time. With this attention, Most of the company are relying on the content for promoting their services. So, if you can make a career in the content writing field, you will not find any limit in your life. It’s really a good profession.

Future of Content Writing


A content writer can work as a blogger, freelance writer, at the corporate level even they can build their own resource and it can be monetized easily by Google AdSense, direct advertising, or affiliate marketing. So, there is no limit to working as a content writer. On the other hand, at the corporate level, it is increasing the demand for content writers daily. As day by day, everything will be digitized, there will be a vast need for a content writer. If you can build yourself as an expert, you can easily earn a sufficient amount like a first-class job. Similarly, you can build a great resource to earn extra money. Eventually, who has blamed you for working as a freelance writer? With this in mind, it’s really a good profession without any limit.  If you are able to become a pro writer then, you will be able to handle hundreds of clients and tasks. Similarly, you will get a reputation among the whole world. 

Obstacles for the Content Writer


As content writing is a royal profession, there have some obstacles too. For this reason, few are doing very good and others are going backward day by day. What is the obstacle of a content writer? Mainly, they have to struggle a lot. In reality, they have to learn and read 100 pages every day. Similarly, they have to keep themselves updated regularly. Who can keep themselves updated and ready to struggle for learning, can really make a good career in the Content writing field. Otherwise, they will find it like a regular job.

Why BytecodeSoft to learn Content Writing?

ByteCode, a leading internet marketing company is providing Content writing courses for the last 5 years. We’ve built a lot of writers and they are doing very well in this industry. We have arranged some enthusiastic writers as mentors who are leading the industry in Bangladesh and in the world. They have built their own product and they are doing very well. So, if you think you want to build a career as a content writer and ready to do struggle, you can join us. We will build you with the requirements of the industry. You can easily work from home as a freelance writer or you can easily enter as a corporate employee. Similarly, you can build your own resource and all the things will be so easy if you take guidelines from the experts.

Content writing service of BytecodeSoft

ByteCode is providing a content writing services from Bangladesh. We’ve built a great team in Bangladesh and providing services to the whole world. If you complete your learning from us and have a great chance to work with us (if needed). You can also know our content writing service more from here.

Who can join this content writing course?

Anyone with basic computer knowledge and English skill can join this course. If you are looking for an innovative creative life, you can choose content writing. It can give you freedom and sufficient income ensuring a good future. So if you are a service holder, businessman, teacher, student, housewife, part-time professional, or full-time professional, you can easily join the content writing course. It can be the best alternative to your running job or you can also work in your leisure time from home.

Content Writing Course Highlight

  1. Concepts of Content Writing
  2. Different types of content writing and skills
  3. Different techniques of Content Writing
  4. Strategy to write blog content or web content
  5. Content Promotion Techniques
  6. Formatting the contents
  7. Increasing English Writing skills
  8. Tools for perfect writing
  9. How to manage and maintain clients
  10. Editing skills of a content
  11. And much more

Content Writing Course Features:

  • Training Duration – 2/3 Month
  • Total – 32+ Class
  • Weekly – 2 Class
  • Certificate – Available
  • Admission – Going on.
  • Per Batch – 8-10 Students
  • Course Fee – 10000 BDT + VAT
  • Holidays Class Opportunity – Available

Support & Facilities for Content Writing Course


  • Outsourcing Profile – 100% Complete
  • Profile Exam – 6-8 (Positive Result)
  • Cover Letter – Available (We Will Guide You)
  • We provide training in a friendly environment
  • Support at any time when you need us via email or group

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Where Will You Learn Content Writing Course?

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    At last, I will tell with the increase of online business, content has become a vital part of marketing and promoting and getting sales. As it is a creative job, you can easily start with content as your future career. Another key point, you will get the opportunity to work in vast areas.

    On the other hand, ByteCode is helping you to start and learn all the aspects of content writing. So why late? Come and start your future career in the content writing industry. How a great journey in the Content Writing field! Welcome in advance.


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