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Evolution and elevation of Marketing strategy and digitalization increase day by day. One of the most famous industrialists of General Electric named Beth Comstock gave a powerful statement that is “You cannot sell anything if you can’t say anything.” This statement imparts us about the power of marketing. Every kind of industry, business, or service provider depends on digital marketing more than traditional marketing because of the world’s modernization and digitalization since, nowadays, every people move on to the digital platform like mobile, internet, social media, and other digital technology. Our digital marketing course is thrown for providing enough digital marketer which will be needed in the near future. To sustain every business in this competitive era, every company, industry, firm, and entrepreneur needs to find some unique and efficient way of marketing to reach their targeting customers. They also need to find and improve some mastermind strategies to make a strong position among the other rivals and marketplaces. Ultimately, they have to find a way to grab the attention of their clients and customers. To reduce the problem of understanding digital marketing and produce the best digital marketer, ByteCode introduces a complete and up-to-date course on digital marketing. Our providing digital marketing course will enable you to understand customers need and demand by reading read their mind and deliver the ultimate satisfaction and the best service which will make your business profit in the uplift position what you want. Our digital marketing program increasingly engages more and more peoples and digital marketers for its effectiveness, vastness, and smooth understanding process. To cope up with the rapidly changing world, every platform of digital marketing must be completed comprehensively to be skilled like SEO, SMM, mobile-enabled web, CPP, and many more. However, our program modules are designed with an understanding of the core concept of digital marketing. This ultimate course module will lead you to set your mission vision in the market and will make you capable to take the challenges of the changing marketing demand and strategy. This course is designed through the guidance of marketing experts and researchers who are gathering experience and expertise with many years of working in this field, thoroughly.

Who Can Take Digital Marketing Course?

  • Online professionals who want to promote their online services or products perfectly.
  • A newbie marketer who wants to lead the digital world and wants to sell digital marketing services.
  • Small or medium business owners, who are unable to hire a specialist, but want to make a digital brand or want to sell something online.
  • Students or learners who want to acquire digital marketing knowledge for their growth and want to earn with budget resources and time.
  • Entrepreneurs, who are determined to flourish their business and to sustain in the intensely competitive marketplace, with a good position.
  • Besides these people, Marketing Professionals, Sales Professionals, and digital Professionals can take this course for their betterment and update with the new technology and trendy techniques

Are you thinking to learn digital marketing from industry specialists of the world to promote your business or making a career, then welcome to the professionals Digital marketing Course in Bangladesh from BytecodeSoft?

Course Overview for Digital Marketing Course:

Course Duration: 4 months Course Time Duration: 48+ Hours Course Day and Time: Saturday & Sunday (3:00 pm – 4:00 pm) Course Fee: $130 (Payment Method)


Course Module for Digital Marketing Course:


Digital Marketing Class schedule of BytecodeSoft

Before entering our core course module we will describe to you the understanding of the company and its management, the core idea of Digital Marketing, and understanding the internet.

  • Module 1: Content Writing & Marketing
  • Module 2: Online Business Analysis
  • Module 3: SEO (On-Page, Off-Page, Local, Technical)
  • Module 4: MMS (Mobile Marketing Service)
  • Module 5: SEM, Google Adwords & PPC
  • Module 6: EMS (Email Marketing Service)
  • Module 7: Local Business Marketing
  • Module 8: Shopify & e-Commerce Marketing
  • Module 9: SMM (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, Linkedin, Medium)
  • Module 10: CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)
  • Module 11: CPA, Affiliate Marketing & WordPress
  • Module 12: Ads Design and Automation tool
  • Module 13: Reputation Management Service
  • Module 14: AI, IoT, Big Data in Digital Marketing

A short description of the Course Module:

Module 1: Content Marketing Service:

  • This is a mind-blowing marketing system, which drags the customers by influencing their minds through useful words.
  • Content marketing services work with the vision to create an approach to produce the best quality content to bring customer delight.
  • Content Marketing Service includes web content (blogging, website), video content, email marketing, visual eBooks, traditional eBooks, Social Media Contents, White Papers, Case studies, Press Releases, and Info-graphic contents.
  • Content is the most powerful marketing strategy. So, to reflex your mission, vision, and objectives to the customers, you have to design your content and share it with others.

Module 2: Online Business Analysis:

  • The online business analysis gives you the most significant analysis of your strengths and weakness which will help you to get the idea to drive your customers.
  • Moreover, It will help with a quick decision-making process to fetch the best results. Analyzing your portfolio will help you out to recognize which product needs more attention and investment. Business examining tools like Google Analytics will solve many crucial problems.

Module 3: SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

  • Search Engine Optimization is a system that will rank your website to frequently appear in the search engine to improve your business visibility to the customers.
  • You can easily make those website visitors into efficient customers.
  • It will drive a lot of customers to your website to increase sales.
  • It will make your business to the people more trusty and reliable.

Module 4: Mobile Marketing Service:

  • Target customers with a Smartphone and any other electronic service. You can design and manage your messages for each category of customers.
  • The majority of the people check their texts so that they can reach out to a vast audience.
  • Mobile Marketing Service can be beneficial if your customers purchase any product or service, they can make the payment online.

Module 5: Pay per Click Service:

  • The concept of Pay per click is to post the advertisement directly when your potential customer searches for that particular product or service.
  • Pay per Click is a simple way to create a huge impression and fetch customers close to your products or service.

Module 6: Email Marketing Service

  • Email Marketing Service is the method of sending commercial messages, such as an advertisement, business requests, or donation requests, to a list of potential customers through email.
  • there are huge Email Marketing software that enables you to keep track of your customer list and check who responded to your email
  • Email marketing service is cost-effective.

Module 7: Local Business Marketing

  • Before reaching out to a considerable number of customers in the international market, your business must be strong enough to satisfy your local customers first.
  • Local marketing service works to engage in a more specific group of customers by assigning particular keywords in a local region or city.
  • Before that, you need to identify your customers and formal process to meet the customers’ wants and demands.

Module 9: Social Media Marketing

  • You can launch your campaign on Social Media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and YouTube,
  • It helps to create brand awareness and brand visibility.

Module 10: Conversion Rate Optimization

  • With conversion rate optimization, there is a higher return on investment.
  • You can design a website that is easy to use and understand. This increases your sales by encouraging your customers to buy your product.

Module 11: Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliated Marketing is a marketing strategy where you increase your sales by allowing others to drive customers to buy your products.
  • The affiliate can earn money by recommending the product to others, and receive a commission based on sales, visiting, and subscription.

Module 12: Ad design and Automation tool

  • Ad design and automation tools can add value to your products.
  • It helps to improve your position in the market by enhancing your business quality.

Module 13: Reputation Management

  • Reputation changes a customer’s view or perception of a company or business with some activities the company can undertake to maintain its image in public.
  • It restricts the flow of information about the company or business.

Module 14: AI and IoT in Digital Marketing

  • While AI & IOT certainly impacts a variety of different fields including digital marketing – from self-driving cars in transportation to recognition software used in the criminal justice system – we’re will examine its current impact and implementations for digital marketing, businesses, and brands online.

Assessment and certification on Digital Marketing Course

Our primary focus is not only providing you just a certificate but also walking through the practical practice and proper assessment process. Because without practical learning, techniques, or skill, you will not get any value in the digital marketing world. Besides, the ByteCode Digital Marketing course will provide you with a valuable certificate that is verified by different international organizations and specialists. When you finish the full course, we will arrange a certification exam for justifying your knowledge. If we see you are perfect, we will be rewarded with the certificate. Important to realize, our previous experience guarantee that the participants in the course will lead the digital marketing sector. Not to mention, you will also learn about the procedures of different online certifications including Google AdWords or Bing Ads Certification. Digital Marketing Course Bangladesh by ByteCode can surely increase your skills. Surprisingly, our total course is based on practical learning and skill sharing. You will get high-quality resources, tools, and guidelines from the experts who are still leading the digital marketing industry.

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