Web applications are developed using various development languages and PHP is one of them. Working as a software developer can be quite challenging. Coding is not the only technical activity that a developer has to focus on. Other than, programming is not initiated until the programmer has created a proper architecture. Creating robust web applications requires developers to use various algorithms and programming logic. While writing code, the appearance obviously gets distorted as developers cannot afford to pay attention to the beauty factor. At that time, running the application successfully and fulfilling the functional requirements are the only needs. However, when the application is deployed, a clean and well-formatted copy of the code has to be delivered to the client. This serves two purposes. First of all, it becomes easy for any external stakeholder to read through the code. Secondly, the code stored for record purposes is in presentable form.

Adjusting each code statement is impossible

Distorted code written in PHP or any other programming language gives an unprofessional impression. Thus, before the final copy of the code is submitted, its state needs to be improved. For a developer running through each line and improving the appearance is not a possibility that exists. Most applications have a code length in thousands or even more. Hence, it can a daunting task to even each line and check its form.

Intelligent developers use the Prepostseo PHP beautifier

Most web applications are developed using the agile framework. This means that developers are a part of an incremental process. After every sprint completion, a code build has to be released. At times, a readable copy of the code has to be provided with each sprint. The time frame for sprints is quite strict in terms of the deliverables that have to be submitted. Developers cannot afford to spend time on beautifying the code. With this beautifying tool, they can easily sort the written code and bring into a readable state. This is a free tool but in terms of performance, it is definitely one of the best alternatives for programmers.

During a programming sprint, focusing on additional tasks can actually mess up things. As there is limited time, programmers have to be careful about what they spend time on. Sorting the code lines, removing empty white spaces and performing similar tasks is not possible for developers when they are working with short submission dates. 

PHP beautifier goes through the uploaded PHP code and improves the appearance. If there are any extra spaces, they are eliminated. Programmers usually do not align code statements when they are working on code logic and typing the syntax. If they are using this tool, there is no need to spend a minute on beautifying the code. Once you are done with the final compilation, upload the code and its appearance would be completely sorted.

An online tool that makes code readable

Every PHP application is developed for a particular client.  Before the final deployment, the final code copy also has to be submitted. A lot of clients have their in-house technical teams that examine the code when an enhancement has to make. At times, new features are added by the technical development team employed by the customer. To make changes, this team requires the code to be in a readable form. The use of this beautifying tool is a helpful option.

  • Improvement of written code appearance also lightens the application and enhances the performance scale. During development, a lot of factors are ignored by developers because they are busy focusing on coding requirements. Unnecessary use of parenthesis, colons and other syntax fields does nothing but makes the code-heavy. Through this tool, all extra constituents are eliminated. This tool has a major positive impact on the performance of any PHP web application.
  • There are no additional soft wares that PHP developers need to install for running this tool. It does not occupy any space in the storage of the related device. Most users do not consider the standard offline beautifying tools as they involve a lot of unnecessary steps. For instance, the user has to install the tool, download the code file and complete several other steps. On the other hand, by using this tool, PHP developers can bypass all these extra stages. 

Main steps of using this PHP beautifier

There is no rocket science involved in using this beautifying application. The steps are short and programmers can sort the code by using simple and time optimizing steps.  They do not have to think about delaying submission dates while using this tool.

  • Upload the code

In this step, select the PHP code in its actual state from the source file and paste it in the given text box. To begin the procedure for code beautifying, simply click the “beautify PHP” button.

  • Perfectly formatted code is produced is generated

This tool improves the overall appearance of the uploaded PHP code. All extra space between subsequent code lines is removed. The programmer does not have to focus on the appearance by using this helpful beautifier.

  • Ideal for professional PHP developers

Writing a piece of code does not assure in any way that the application would run without any technical problems. A programmer has to deal with countless bugs before a successful execution. Before the intended deadline, his main goal is to run the application successfully. 

  • Presented a well-formatted code copy is not an optional factor in most cases. This tool improves the overall layout of the written code. The best thing is that the developer does not have to burn his energy for this purpose.


It is hard to focus on the presentation of PHP code during the stages of development. Instead of paying attention to the appearance, programmers have to concentrate on the architecture, logic design and application flow. They cannot deviate from any of these tasks and work on the betterment of the code layout. With this beautifying application, you can bring the final code into a well-drafted organized condition without combusting several hours. 

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